199 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur


GTower is located at a prime address in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s business centres.


Landscape & Garden Maintenance; Daily Softscape Maintenance Works

Malaysia’s first internationally green-rated building.

At GTower – Kuala Lumpur, their management took a commitment to “living green” and reducing carbon footprint seriously. GTower’s environment-friendly credentials are due to both their placement in Malaysia’s first internationally green-rated building GTower (Singapore BCA Green Mark Gold) and their commitment to upholding the four tenets of environmental sustainability: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The brief.

As part of the project brief, SeriGreen was tasked to maintain and care for all planted and turfed area within the building.

With the sophisticated building management system of GTower; we’re committed to reusing as many resources as possible. We utilize rainwater that was harvested from the key water catchments areas to irrigate GTower’s green roofs and green walls throughout the building.

These in-built green walls play an essential role as natural air purifiers, absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen in return to help maintain air quality.

Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

SeriGreen has skilled and talented Horticulturist and Landscape Architects that are experts at working with the current structure of the garden. SeriGreen crew’s skill and expertise enabled them to work with the Green Wall Areas by integrating the existing irrigation system for watering process to creatively rejuvenate and make over its present look that provides them a new flair.

From GTower’s team original conceptual design, SeriGreen worked with them to provide an estimate and create an intricate and detailed list of tasks that is required to maintain GTower’s internal and external landscapes. This was then implemented as part of our daily maintenance tasks that will be performed by our  horticulturist & gardeners as required.

SeriGreen experts also advises on plants and materials substitution that allows GTower to achieve their objectives; without compromising on the quality of the deliverables.

Quality & Standards.

As part of our standard operating procedure, the upkeep and upgrading of Landscape Maintenance and Services are strictly implemented by observing the Hotel and Corporate Office specification that complies to ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards.

The outcome.

When we accepted the project, we have high expectation of ourselves to deliver the project on time and within budget. We’re proud to say that we exceeded all expectations that we set upon ourselves and by the management team.

At SeriGreen,  a completed project is not a finished project. We constantly strive to find ways of improving ourselves.

GTower - Project Plan

What we do.

SeriGreen Services

  • Labour, tools, equipment, fertilizers & transportation.
  • Conceptual design and build, handling, hoisting, tagging & planting.
  • Landscape maintenance which covers watering, fertilizing, weeding, pruning of shrubs, mulching, mowing, insecticide spraying, fungicide, herbicide, plant disease treatment & clearing growth.
  • External Landscaping.
  • Internal Landscaping for Garden.
  • Internal Landscaping for Green Wall.
  • Interior Potted Plants.

Maintenance Area

  • All external and internal perimeter namely, Hotel Building Side Perimeter (Pagar Tabung Haji & Jalan Tun Razak), Planter Box (Lower Ground & Surrounding, Hotel Balcony, Hotel Room, Ampang Park and P6), Green Walls (Ground Floor, Alliance Bank, Tabung Haji, Ampang Park and P6), Podiums L8 & L16, Telephone Console L11 to L13 & , The Club L28, Goldis L28, Garden Area L7 & Bridge L29, and Pavilion L30 (a) to (e).


  • One (1) supervisor to carry out the supervisory works.
  • Three (3) full time trained gardeners.

The wall garden.

GTower is built with unique features, one of it being the triple Wall Gardens which enhances the natural aura of tower, while creating a magnificent green ambiance that adds to its iconic design sensibilities.

A ‘Green Wall’, also commonly referred to as a ‘Vertical Garden’, is a descriptive term that is used to refer to all forms of vegetated wall surfaces. Due to the diversity and density of plant life, living walls typically require more intensive
maintenance (e.g. a supply of nutrients to fertilize the plants) than normal facades.

There are significant benefits to both the public and private sectors resulting from the successful use of green walls. Green walls have a great potential for positive environmental change in dense urban areas, particularly given the large surface areas on buildings that are available for retrofitting to these technologies. A green wall with a mass of plant leaf material can absorb carbon oxides and helps with air purifying.