Sunway Rydgeway Residence Group


Melawati, Kuala Lumpur


Sunway Rydgeway offers urbanites a private sanctuary with the scenic majestic background view of Melawati Hills, just 20 minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.


Landscape & Garden Maintenance

Modern landscaping that contributes to the concept of energy conservation.

Sunway Rydgeway is a brand new luxurious housing development located in Melawati. Also known as Sunway Ridgeway, it is a low density development that is built amidst the lush and tranquil greenery of the Melawati hills. A unique feature of the development is its modern landscaping that contributes to the concept of energy conservation while maximising the usage of natural sunlight and ventilation.

The brief.

Over the past year, SeriGreen have been responsible for the maintenance of this beautiful garden in Melawati.

Continuous improvements.

We upgraded the main entrance of the gated community to further enhance its looks and simplify its maintenance. As taking care of any landscape is an ever-evolving environment, we don’t just want to maintain it. We’d like to continually improve them to our client’s perfection.

Since the upgrade was completed, as part of the maintenance plan, we provide gardeners who works in the garden on a regular basis to ensure that the landscape remains looking its best at all times.

We believe constant communication with our clients are important, as we want to be certain that the clients are please with the standard of work that we provide.

Taking care of problems, as we should.

Jurisdiction tend to be a sensitive issue for most companies, but for us, the utmost importance is to get the job done. Even though certain areas in the gated community is being contracted out to the local municipality (MPAJ), occasionally, the task was was not done up to our expectations. When that happens, we just proceed take care of it, as we should.

The Outcome.

When we accepted the project, we have high expectation of ourselves to deliver the project on time and within budget. We’re proud to say that we exceeded all expectations that we set upon ourselves and by the management team.

We’ve enjoyed working in this garden in particular, as it has been a very rewarding project for us. We started working with the clients at the initial planning phase and it’s been a real pleasure to develop their vision of a dream garden into a reality.

At SeriGreen,  a completed project is not a finished project. We constantly strive to find ways of improving ourselves.

What we do.

SeriGreen Services

  • Labour, tools, equipment, fertilizers & transportation.
  • Conceptual design and build, handling, hoisting, tagging & planting.
  • Landscape maintenance which covers watering, fertilizing, weeding, pruning of shrubs, mulching, mowing, insecticide spraying, fungicide, herbicide, plant disease treatment & clearing growth.
  • External Landscaping; Hardscape & Softscape
  • Exterior Potted Plants.

Maintenance Area

  • Main Entrance
  • Open space
  • Playground area
  • Residential area
  • Storage area

The maze.

A maze garden was originally installed by the developers of the project. We were tasked to maintain it. While the height of the plants are not tall enough for you to be lost in it, a sense of wonder would surely arise in you when you’re walking through it.

The area visually striking, and it’s also practical & functional the same time. Watching kids enjoying the space in the maze was exceptionally fulfilling.

It embodies the family values that we can’t get enough off.