Feb 9, 2017

Batik Lunch — “A Date with Culture & Nature”

AT Langat



On February 9, 2017, SeriGreen, with its sister’s company, Green Adventure Holidays, organized a Batik Lunch event to explore creating the art of abstract design on fabric and also to acquaint ourselves to the intricacies of the creation process of batik.

Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth. Batik is made either by drawing dots and lines of the resist with a spouted tool called a canting, or by printing the resist with a copper stamp called a cap.

Zanubah Hamzah (@zanubah_hamzah), a popular and renowned artist, with 15 years of experience in batik, creating unmistakably unique work of art. We were extremely lucky to have her join us on our Batik Lunch event.


  1. Upon arrival, participants are welcomed with local favorite coffee kampung and Ubi Rebus.
  2. Batik painting by Zanubah Hamzah
    • Zanubah Hamzah is an international renowned batik artist who goes by the name Zanubah. Her works have been exhibited internationally and featured in many private and public galleries.
    • Each participant were given a handkerchief with painting materials
  3. Brisk walk around kitchen’s garden photo op at the waterfall
  4. A short demonstration of making Nasi Ulam.
  5. Luncheon: served at Glass House
    • Nasi Ulam, Chicken satay with peanut sauce, chicken rendang, Grilled mackerel, sago pudding, ketupat, labu masak lemak, fresh coconut drink, tropical fruits platter.
  6. End

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